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Jenna is amazing! My friend recommended her. She came right to my house in the rain, and even showed up early; brought her massage table right to my house.

I usually don’t write reviews, but after my session today my hips never felt so open. I literally feel an inch taller and like I’m flying instead of walking. She is definitely a master at what she does!

I ended up booking a series of 10 sessions on the spot got 3 sessions for free. I also will start doing Yoga with her. I have a lot of issues with my sciatic nerve and I hope this will save me from surgery.
— Dan Elias, Media Strategist
Jenna is an amazing massage therapist. She gives the right amount of attention to those very specific parts of my muscle. I should know, I’m a Spartan AROO! Service is provided in a very relaxing atmosphere. Jenna is a well educated professional, that provides excellent service! I highly recommend her.
— Sonia Henriquez, Port Authority of NY/NJ
I am a massage therapist, and I am very particular about who I let work on me, because I know what a really great massage is supposed to be like, and feel like. So when I say that Jenna is one of the very few people I trust to work on me, and give a great massage, I am not exaggerating. She is really excellent: service-oriented, kind, strong, intuitive and deeply knowledgeable. I feel fortunate to know this talented therapist, and recommend her highly.
— Amy Eberhardt, Licensed Massage Therapist
Jenna is attentive, skilled, and kind! She has amazing anatomical knowledge, and uses essential oils/Reiki along with the physical massage to offer a complete wellness experience. I recommend her wholeheartedly!
— Marissa Giglio, Assistant Principal
I had a massage by Jenna yesterday. From the lovely room to the heated table, the beautiful essential oils to her golden hands; it was such a relaxing experience going to her location. I would recommend Zabala Holistics to anyone seeking relaxation. Best massage ever!
— Dr. Millie Lytle, Integrative Medicine


Zabala Holistics helped me get into my skinny jeans with the 21-day challenge! I can’t recommend Jenna and her team enough. Tons of support and cheerleading along the way. I feel amazing.
— Larry Rogowsky, Licensed Health Professional
Jenna was such an encouraging coach during our 21 day challenge! At the end of the challenge, I was back at my college weight!
— Ramon, Serrano, Tax Preparation





“This was my first encounter with Thai Yoga. I loved it. I had a tremendous sense of well-being and energy. Your poise and ease as a practitioner allowed me to feel safe and able to let go of some of my own self-imposed limitations and to move with an ease and fluidity that I have not experienced before. You were very much in tune with my whole self–respectful and encouraging–throughout our session.”
— Phyllis Jo Kubey, Tax Preparation and Consultation


“I suffer from chronic neck pain, dizziness and anxiety. I have been to doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, you name it, and nothing really seemed to help. A very dear friend suggested that I email Jenna and try Alexander Technique. I had my first session with Jenna yesterday and I can honestly say - it was AMAZING. Jenna is an extremely gifted practitioner with an incredible knowledge of physiology, multiple modalities and holistic health. She is a careful listener and was thoroughly attuned to me as she was working with me. Jenna was tremendously skilled at guiding me through the session - which for those who have had body work, you know practitioners are not always very good at doing. I felt so much better when I left and had a much clearer idea of what had been happening in my body - not to mention - I felt better. And not just physically better, but better overall. I don’t have anything but good things to say about Zabala Holistics and I look forward to my next session. If you are suffering, I highly encourage you to get in touch with Jenna Zabala. She could be the difference you have been searching for.”
— Kim S.
“The technique has awakened my sensitivity to life! I am more focused and aware of my mind and body as an integrated whole. Jenna is a true artist—she continually enlightens my perceptions of the technique yet encourages and challenges my way of thinking. A private Alexander session with Jenna is more than an educational experience, it is a life necessity.”
— Joe Morris, Actor
“I love the Alexander Technique and Jenna is an amazing teacher! She has an intuitive and gentle approach. I immediately felt I could let go and allow the process to unfold. Jenna is able to free my body from the tightness, tensions and fear I carry, allowing me to open to spaciousness, calm and centeredness. It is a complete awakening for my whole being.”
— Elizabeth Joy Mueller, Soul-Directed Energy Healer


“I had done a fairly aggressive hilly bike ride the day of Jenna’s MELT class for lower extremities. I felt great after the class, but more importantly I had no muscle soreness the following day! I’m definitely going to incorporate the MELT techniques into my Spring bike training”.
— Sylvia Mueller, Licensed Massage Therapist


“Kundalini yoga was recommended to me by a friend who is an avid advocate. I’ve practiced yoga for many years but never have I left a class so spiritually uplifted. After leaving the first class smiling I was hooked. Jenna is a wonderful teacher, her warmth draws you in and her knowledge gives you a solid understanding. I am a better person for taking this class.”
— Sarah
It just feels good to study Kundalini with Jenna. Sometimes, the benefit is simply a matter of knowing how to breathe through pressure at work or a crisis at home. Other times, it’s mentally chanting a mantra instead of fixating on annoying things that are beyond my control. Kundalini continues to help me discover how to be the most at home in my own body, and to more frequently find the peace in those moments. I’m walking a bit lighter, and I’m smiling a little more.
Thank you!
— Lauren
Jenna is a gifted and spiritual teacher. 5 years ago I stepped into her Kundalini yoga class in a candlelit room for the first time, and it changed my life. Over the subsequent years I have taken many classes with her and am forever grateful for the day she introduced me to Kundalini yoga.
— Fiona Potter, Advertising Vice President